First Day of School

What tips do you have for the first day of school?

Happy Wednesday!  Today we are linking up with Back to School Tips and Tricks to Start your Year off Right!  

Our back to school tip is Have sharpened pencils ready for each student.  This saves you the headache of everyone wanting to visit the pencil sharpener first thing on the first day and it's also a nice little gift!  

Want to make your little one's first day extra special?  Use these Back to School pencil tags to welcome your new students this school year! 

Here is a cute project idea for the first day of school!

1 mason jar(Target,under $4)

Red decorative shred(dollar tree $1)
Sharpened pencils(Target,pack of 18, $4)
Pencil Tags($3 over in my TPT store)

Step 1- download and edit the pencil tags and labels, then print and cut.

Step 2-tape or glue the pencil tags to the end of the pencils(eraser side).  
Step 3- tape or glue the label to the front of the jar(I have included 2 in the pack). We used both! one on both sides of our jar.
Step 4-Put a piece of Styrofoam in the jar, then add some decorative shred to hide the Styrofoam.
Step 5- Push the pencils down into the Styrofoam.


Tried It Tuesday!!

Tried It Tuesday!

What have you tried at home or school?  

We are linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper's Tried It Tuesday to share a few ideas of what works in our classroom!  

Our first "Tried it" this Tuesday is our brand new book, Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons!! This book had us laughing, singing, and counting! After reading this adorable book, we counted buttons(printable is from Confessions of a Homeschooler)We really enjoyed our counting activity and the book!

I created this flip book about Pete the Cat and his colorful shoes!  This was the perfect activity to supplement our favorite Pete the Cat book.  To see more, click here.


Calendar Binder!

We have officially graduated from a "Tot Time" Notebook to a Calendar Binder!  I've seen many different versions of these, so I decided to create one to fit our needs.


Teacher Binder Cover!

I wanted to give something back to all the teachers out there and help them get started as teachers began their preparation to go back to school.  So I got this idea to create a Teacher Binder where teachers can keep absolutely everything in one place, neatly!  This is a freebie!!! You can grab it here!  

You can check out more Fall Freebies over at Teaching Science with Lynda!!

Teaching Science With Lynda


Columbus Day Activities!

I know it's a little early for blogging about Columbus Day but I am hoping for some feedback!  This pack comes with over 111 pages of Columbus inspired activities for your little ones!!! This packet is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Here's what's included in this pack!

The Booklets are available in English & Spanish!

Both the English and Spanish Booklets come in 3 versions:


Illustrated Fill-in-the-blanks

The Fill-in-the blank booklets also include a word list.

The third version comes blank, without illustrations, so your little ones can draw their own pictures or use the cutouts provided to cut and paste the images onto the booklet pages.

Columbus Vocabulary Cards

-12 vocabulary words, illustrated
-in English & Spanish
Total of 24 words!!!

Columbus 10 Frame Game


Weather & Seasons

A few weeks ago, we were learning about weather when I had this idea to make a sorting activity for the 4 seasons.  We created this activity, read books about the weather, made our very own rainbow, and even counted rain drops!!  Here are some of our activities:

Rain Sensory Bottle
This is our second sensory bottle we have made.  This one goes perfect with our upcoming weather unit and is very easy to make.

                         1 clean and empty plastic bottle(I used a Smart Water bottle for ours)
                         1/4 bag of dried green split peas
                         2 bags of bamboo skewers

First we scrubbed the label of the bottle(rub a little oil to remove the sticky adhesive part).  Next, I broke up our bamboo skewers and carefully put them in the bottle.  Last, we poured our peas in the bottle, put the cap back on top,  and listened to the sound of our very own rain sensory bottle.  If you want to make it secure you could glue on the cap.

Counting Raindrops!  We cut out "clouds" from a sheet of blue foam and used blue glass beads($1 for a package at the Dollar Tree) as our "raindrops."

Weather Felties are back!  Of course we had to take out our weather reading buddies and play with them! Handmade Weather plushies would go perfect for a weather unit, or just to cuddle with while your littles read!

How to make a rainbow!!

1 clear glass filled with water
1 mirror
1 flashlight
1 white piece of cardboard, foam, or paper(we used a white foam board)

1. Prop up white cardboard
2. Place glass in front of propped up board.
3. Angle the mirror in the water so half is inside the water, and the other half is dry. 
4. Tape the mirror to the side of the glass.
5. Turn off all lights so the room is completely dark.
6. Shine flashlight into the mirror.

Optional: Play with different size mirrors and glasses!!

Our Weather Books!!