First Day of School

What tips do you have for the first day of school?

Happy Wednesday!  Today we are linking up with Back to School Tips and Tricks to Start your Year off Right!  

Our back to school tip is Have sharpened pencils ready for each student.  This saves you the headache of everyone wanting to visit the pencil sharpener first thing on the first day and it's also a nice little gift!  

Want to make your little one's first day extra special?  Use these Back to School pencil tags to welcome your new students this school year! 

Here is a cute project idea for the first day of school!

1 mason jar(Target,under $4)

Red decorative shred(dollar tree $1)
Sharpened pencils(Target,pack of 18, $4)
Pencil Tags($3 over in my TPT store)

Step 1- download and edit the pencil tags and labels, then print and cut.

Step 2-tape or glue the pencil tags to the end of the pencils(eraser side).  
Step 3- tape or glue the label to the front of the jar(I have included 2 in the pack). We used both! one on both sides of our jar.
Step 4-Put a piece of Styrofoam in the jar, then add some decorative shred to hide the Styrofoam.
Step 5- Push the pencils down into the Styrofoam.

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