Weather & Seasons

A few weeks ago, we were learning about weather when I had this idea to make a sorting activity for the 4 seasons.  We created this activity, read books about the weather, made our very own rainbow, and even counted rain drops!!  Here are some of our activities:

Rain Sensory Bottle
This is our second sensory bottle we have made.  This one goes perfect with our upcoming weather unit and is very easy to make.

                         1 clean and empty plastic bottle(I used a Smart Water bottle for ours)
                         1/4 bag of dried green split peas
                         2 bags of bamboo skewers

First we scrubbed the label of the bottle(rub a little oil to remove the sticky adhesive part).  Next, I broke up our bamboo skewers and carefully put them in the bottle.  Last, we poured our peas in the bottle, put the cap back on top,  and listened to the sound of our very own rain sensory bottle.  If you want to make it secure you could glue on the cap.

Counting Raindrops!  We cut out "clouds" from a sheet of blue foam and used blue glass beads($1 for a package at the Dollar Tree) as our "raindrops."

Weather Felties are back!  Of course we had to take out our weather reading buddies and play with them! Handmade Weather plushies would go perfect for a weather unit, or just to cuddle with while your littles read!

How to make a rainbow!!

1 clear glass filled with water
1 mirror
1 flashlight
1 white piece of cardboard, foam, or paper(we used a white foam board)

1. Prop up white cardboard
2. Place glass in front of propped up board.
3. Angle the mirror in the water so half is inside the water, and the other half is dry. 
4. Tape the mirror to the side of the glass.
5. Turn off all lights so the room is completely dark.
6. Shine flashlight into the mirror.

Optional: Play with different size mirrors and glasses!!

Our Weather Books!!

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