Tried It Tuesday!

What have you tried at home or school?

Welcome back to Tried It Tuesday!  We are linking up again with the amazing Fourth Grade Flipper's Tried It Tuesday to share a few ideas of what works in our classroom!

My son absolutely loves this book!  We bought ours at Target a few weeks ago and we have been reading this book non-stop!!! Since this book is filled with monsters making colors, we decided to mix some of our very own!  Scroll down for a simple activity of mixing water to create new colors.

If you don't think your little ones can handle the food coloring, no worries, try these bath drops!Just drop the tablet into the cup of water(they come in red, yellow, and blue), and then mix!

To make this even more interactive, have your little ones Predict, Observe, and Record their results in My Color Mixing Journal!  It also includes a "Favorite Color" graphing activity!  Click on the image below to see more!

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