Yo Ho Ho It's Back to School time!!

Ahoy Matey!  One of our favorite themes over the summer has been Pirates so we wanted to continue our favorite theme as we head back to school!    Check out our latest Back to School Activities your little pirates will love! It's a Pirate's Life for Us!


Read a Pirate Book!  One of our favorite ABC books is "Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC"  by June Sobel.  We had a blast searching for all of the letters hiding on each page.  This is such a fun story!


Pirate Craft!  Get to know your new matey's a little better with the help of this Pirate Flip Up Book and craft! It also makes an adorable bulletin board display! Attached Booklet Flips Open! Click here to see more.

Dress Up Fun! Ahoy there! One of our favorite things to do is to play dress up and pretend we live in a magical world!  (I guess I never really grew up).  Today we are sharing our newest favorite pretend play!  PIRATE dress up! We found this Melissa & Doug Pirate Costume Set for around $20.We got out our treasure maps and even looked for buried treasure!   It was a perfect day of swashbuckling fun! Does your classroom have dramatic play?

Pirate FREEBIE! Are you looking for a gift to welcome your little pirates during their first week back to school? (Or, you could hand these out on the last day!) Click on the image to check out these FREE Editable Pirate Gift Tags!

Pirate Math and Literacy Activities! 

Here are some fun activities that will have you saying "Avast, me hearties!" Translation- Stop what you're doing! Click on the images below to see my latest Pirate Booty!

This literacy and math packet is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  It comes with a booklet that's available in color and black & white so your little ones can color it! The number matching activity is also included in this packet.  There are 2 versions!  Match the number of gold coins to the correct numbered treasure map, and , match the numbered treasure maps with the matching numbered word (treasure chest).  This Pirate activity would be great for math centers or just so your little ones can practice counting and number recognition skills!  Just print, laminate, and cut!

Pirate Tent

I wanted to make my little pirate the perfect secret hideout so we put this together today!  After reading this beautiful tutorial, we were inspired to make one of our own for less than $30.  I should note, unlike theirs, we did not use a sewing machine.This tent is reversible, so we can create a whole new tent!!

Materials Used:

1 hula hoop(Walmart about $3)
2 twin flat sheets or you could use curtains (Walmart around $10)
1 yard of felt (You can use 1/2 yard of 2 different colors like we used, about Jo Ann's, on sale for $3)
craft glue (Jo Ann's $3)
2 spools of ribbon 1 and a half inches wide (1 for hanging the tent from the ceiling and 1 for tying the sheets to the hula hoop, Walmart around $5)
1 Swag Ceiling kit (Walmart for $2)
Drill to hang the ceiling kit

Do it Yourself Kid's Reversible Tent

Step 1 Hang the Swag ceiling kit with your drill, handyman was working and we didn't want to wait.

Step 2 Cut  3 ribbons 60 inches long from 1 spool of ribbon

Step 3 Tie them around the hula hoop(I used craft glue as well as tied them) so they are even on every side of the hoop.

Step 4 Tie the 3 ribbons together and hang it to make sure its balanced.

Step 5 Cut 10 ribbons, 14 inches long, from the other spool of ribbon.

Step 6 Spread your 2 sheets out on the floor, evenly, one on top of the other.  

Step 7 Evenly(about every 9 inches) place your 10 pieces of ribbon sandwiched inside the 2 sheets(the length side of the sheets),  so that about 10 inches of the ribbon are visible and 4 inches of the ribbon are hidden inside the 2 sheets.  

Step 8 Now glue only the hidden 4 inches of the ribbons(or sew if you prefer) in between the 2 sheets so now you will only have 10 inches of the ribbons hanging out.  

Step 9 After the glue is dried, tie your ribbons that are now secured to the sheets around the hula hoop, leaving enough open for a door.  

Step 10 Create a template like the one below.

We used this template, to help us create the top to the tent. 

Step 11 Using your template, cut 7 triangle pieces from your felt fabric(we cut 3 red and 4 black triangles).

Step 12 Glue only the sides of the triangles together(or sew if you prefer) so they form a circle.  Leave the top of the triangles open so so it will slide over the hanging ribbon through a hole.  

Step 13 After the glue is dry, take your hanging tent down and slide the triangle top over the ribbon through the hole in the center.  

Step 14 Decorate your tent!  We used extra felt to create our pirate flag! Last but not least relax in your tent!  Every pirate's secret hide-away must include treasure!!!

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