We are linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching this Friday to bring you a recap of the week in FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!! 


Halloween is right around the corner, so we have been going BATTY all week!  Here's what we have been up to:

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FREEBIE! Click on the image above to grab our latest Freebie!  We created an original poem, inspired by "Five Little Pumpkins."  This pocket chart activity is perfect for your Halloween or BAT Literacy Centers! 

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BAT Literacy & Math Pack!  We also posted our latest product this week. This pack is loaded with lots of fun engaging bat activities. Click on the image above to check it out!  

Here's what's included in the pack:


BATTY for Books! Also in our Bat Literacy & Math pack, If You Give a Bat a Book booklet, inspired by "Bats at Library," by Brian Lies.  The booklet is available in color and black & white so your little ones can color it!

Batty for Math Centers! To keep your students engaged, I've also added this original BAT 10 frame game!This would be great for math centers/ work stations to practice counting and number recognition Just print, laminate, and cut!

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All week long we have been working on our newest theme: BATS!  So for our literacy center, we came up with a game(thank you Pinterest) similar to the fly swatting  game.  In this Halloween version, we took our practice sight words from the Dolch sight word list and "batted" the words as we read them aloud.   We are having so much FUN with our BAT theme!

After "Batting" our sight words, we used a laminated mat to practice reading, spelling with letter tiles, and writing each sight word with a dry erase marker.  

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BATTY CRAFTIVITY!  One of our non-fiction choices this week was a book called "Bats" by Gail Gibbons. We extended the story further by reviewing information about bats.  To tie in bats further and work on our writing skills, we wrote about what it would be like if we were bats.  After we finished the writing part, we made a bat craft! 

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Some friends helped us wrap up our Bat Unit!   We used Bakerella's Cake Pop Recipe found here.

First we baked a cake following the directions from the back of the cake box.  Once the cake was cooled off, we crumbled it.  Then, we added the frosting.  
To get the same amount of "cake" we used a small ice cream scoop.  

Next, we rolled them into little cake balls and refrigerated them for about 30 minutes.  So the lollipop sticks wouldn't come out during the chocolate coating step, we dipped the end of each stick in chocolate and inserted them into the rolled cake balls.  Then, dipped them into melted chocolate.

We made the chocolate bat wings by placing a clear sheet of waxed paper onto a bat craft template and piping melted chocolate onto the paper.  Next, we popped them into our freezer for about 5 minutes.  Once they were hardened, we "glued" them onto our cake pops using some of the extra melted chocolate.  

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