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We are linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching this Friday to bring you a recap of the week in FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!! 


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FREEBIE! Click on the image above to grab our latest Freebie, perfect for your FIRE SAFETY week! Use our latest Freebie while you practice what to do if student's clothes were ever caught on fire!

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FIRE SAFETY!  We also posted our latest product this week. This pack is a fun way to learn all about what to do in an emergency. Click on the image above to check out this FIRE SAFETY Literacy and Math Pack !  
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FALL into Autumn! Fall is so much fun This week we began celebrating all things fall with a great fall story"We're Going on a Leaf Hunt" by Steve Metzger.  It's similar to "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" except the children stop and gather leaves.  The words are very engaging and this is a great book to "fall into."

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FALL ADVENTURE! Of course, after reading the story we had to go on an actual leaf hunt! We extended the story further by observing, sorting, and counting our leaves!
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LEAF PAINTING! Since where we live there aren't many colorful leaves to choose from so we decided to make some beautiful colored leaves using some from our very own leaf collection!  We discussed our leaves and even came up with a cute poem about a leaf that was blown down!  We made this into a autumn craft. It was a wonderful day!

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