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Since Thanksgiving is in a few weeks, I wanted to share with you some ways to incorporate social studies throughout your lessons at this time of year.  

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Wampanoag Foldable!   To help us get our thoughts organized, I created this cut and paste foldable!  It also includes two writing prompts. This is an excellent way to integrate social studies in your classroom.

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Wampanoag Literature!  When thinking about read alouds, here are a few we will be using.  Tapenum's Day by Kate Waters, about a day in the life of a Tapenum boy.  Our non-fiction title we have chosen to read is The Wampanoag by Kevin Cunningham.  There is a wonderful description on "How to make a wetu."  

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Wampanoag Booklet

Wampanoag Vocabulary

Wampanoag 10 Frame Game

Thanksgiving Literacy and Math! Last week we posted our latest literacy and math pack, with Wampanoag vocabulary includedNext week, we will be reading and filling out the pages of our Wampanoag booklet and playing our Wampanoag 10 Frame Game! Click on the image above to check out this Thanksgiving Literacy and Math Pack!

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Learn more about the Wampanoag!  This is a great video to share with your students.

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Orange Glazed Cranberry Bread. Moist & flavorful cranberry bread packed with orange zest, light cinnamon streusel, and an orange glaze.
Photo Source Sally's Baking Addiction

Cranberry Snacks!  Be sure to include some of the Wampanoag traditions and celebrations. The Wampanoag have always been part of the tradition of "giving thanks." A tradition that began much earlier than the Pilgrims.We will be making cranberry bread to celebrate the cranberry harvest! We will also make time to read this adorable book, Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende Devlin.  It's about a grandmother who makes cranberry bread for Thanksgiving while it also teaches students not to judge others!

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