We are linking up with Doodle Bugs this Friday to bring you a recap of the week in FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!! Since this is Dental Health Month, grab your floss, brush, and paste and check out some of our Dental Health Ideas for your classroom!

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Tooth Fairy Books!

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Tooth Fairy Books!  You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy? by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt is about a cute story about a day in the night of a tooth fairy and just how tough it is!

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Tooth Fairy Vocabulary!

Tooth Fairy Vocabulary! To help us get started, I laminated these Presidents' Day Vocab cards so we could trace the words with dry erase markers, erase, and trace again!

Tooth Fairy Booklet

Tooth Fairy Ten Frame Game!

Tooth Fairy Math & Literacy! Over the past week we read and filled out the pages of our Tooth Fairy booklet and played with our Tooth Fairy ten frames! Click on the image above to check all of the above activities included in our Tooth Fairy Literacy and Math Pack!

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Dental Health !

Dental Health Freebie!  Students will have fun while learning healthy habits for terrific teeth.  Use these posters and coloring activity during DENTAL HEALTH MONTH!! Click on the image above to grab this Freebie!

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Sweet Tooth !

Sweet Tooth Cards!  I saw this adorable Valentine's Day Card on pinterest and thought this was perfect for my little one after all of those Valentine's Day sweets (he definitely has his mommy's sweet tooth).

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Happy and Sad Teeth!


Teeth Sort!  Since our focus this week has been Dental Health, we did a simple fun sorting activity by gluing good and bad foods onto tooth patterns.   We had a blast playing with our food and learning how to take care of our teeth!  


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