Spring Activities!

We are linking up with Doodle Bugs this Friday to bring you a recap of the week in FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!! Since next week is Easter, this week is all about bunnies and spring.  Check out some of our ideas below!
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The Easter Egg
Spring Books!

Spring Books!  The Easter Egg by Jan Brett is such a beautifully illustrated story like the rest of her books! It's a cut story about a bunny named Hoppi who is on the search for the perfect egg for the annual Easter egg contest.  Click on the video below to hear the story being read out loud.  

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Spring Vocabulary!

Spring Vocabulary! To help us get started, I laminated these spring vocabulary cards so we could trace the words with dry erase markers, erase, and trace again!

Spring Booklet

Spring Booklet! Over the past week we have had a blast filling out, coloring, cutting/pasting, and putting together our spring booklet

Spring Math!

Spring Math!   Ten frames are great for showing order and organization. This week, I wanted to try something new so I found these adorable carrot Easter eggs (dollar store), wrote the numerals onto each carrot so we could match it to the corresponding ten frame and then fill them with the correct number of jelly beans(you could use pom poms or counters as well).  Students can really see the quantity and its relation to ten when you use the ten-frames.  Click on the image above to see our Spring Literacy & Math Pack! 

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PEEP Paint!

Since our Snowman Painting was such a huge success, we decided since it's spring, we'd whip up some PEEP PAINT!   This is a perfect spring activity for kids. 

We mixed together a bottle of white glue, a few squirts of shaving cream, some hot pink paint(use as much as you need until you are satisfied with the color), and 1/2 cup of "crystal clear" glitter.  The glue, paint, and shaving cream we purchased at Walmart, the glitter we bought at Michael's Craft Store.  Everything was altogether less than $15. 

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Spring snack!

oreo and gummy worm dirt cups with flowers | ... loved them. And even the boys wanted to keep their flower spoons
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Spring Snack!  To top off our spring week, after storytime we mixed up a simple "dirt" snack with chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and candy gummy worms!  

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Spring Writing Craft!

Spring Writing Craft!  Looking for a simple fun holiday activity? In this adorable spring craft and writing activity, your little ones will use their descriptive words to help them write a spring poem or story! Click on the image above to grab this Spring Freebie!


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