Beach Day Activities for Kids!

 FIVE FOR FRIDAY!!! This week is all about Beach Day Fun!  Summer is here for the little one so we are mixing a little work with a lot of fun. Check out some of our Beach Day FUN activities & ideas below!
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Now that summer is here(I know, where did the time go?) we chose a Beach Day fun theme and so I created  a literacy pack to go with our theme.  Click here to take a peek!

Beach Vocabulary!
Beach Vocabulary! I added 12 vocab cards to help us get started.  We laminated the beach vocabulary cards so we could trace the words with dry erase markers, erase, and trace again!  You could also use them to go with your Summer units!

Beach Booklet!

Beach Booklet! This Beach booklet now features black and white version half pages saving you ink and paper!  Over the past week we have had a day at the beach filling out, coloring, cutting/pasting, and putting together our beach booklet

Long and Short E Sounds!

Speaking of the beach, I created this word sort so we could practice our short and long e vowel sounds!

Click on the images above to see even more of our Beach Literacy Pack! 

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Ocean in a bottle!

Ocean in a bottle! Since we weren't able to go to the ocean, we decided to bring it to us!

Materials Used:
1 clear plastic 2 liter bottle
1 bottle of baby oil
blue food coloring

First, we filled the bottle almost 3/4 full of water.  Next, we added 3 or 4 drops of food coloring.  Then, we poured in the entire bottle of baby oil.  Last, we secured the lid with some glue and explored. 

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Ocean Food Chain!

Ocean Food Chain! After reading our beach book and talking about the big blue ocean, I wanted a hands-on activity that would illustrate how an ocean food chain works.

 Foldable Cover Page
 Foldable opens up to the first page, plankton.
 Foldable opens up to the second page, krill.

 Foldable opens up to the third page, squid.

 Foldable opens up to the fourth page, dolphin.

 Foldable opens up to the fifth page, shark.

 Foldable opens up to the sixth page, whale.

Finally, lift the whale open to see what it has eaten!  To see more, click on the image  below.

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Summer Writing Craft!

Summer Writing Craft!  Looking for a simple fun summer writing activity?   To go along with our Beach Week, we are sharing our latest FREEBIE!    Click on the image below to grab your Freebie before it floats away!

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Summer Math Activity!

Summer Math Activity!  To go along with our theme this Week, we had a Beach Day number matching activity. First,  we matched the ten frame buckets to the correct shovels and handles.  Then, we slid the shovels onto the handles.  It was a bucketful of fun!  

Beach Snack!

Beach Snack! All week long we have been having a wave of fun we even created our very own Sandy Snacks! We hope you have a summer full of memories. What are your summer plans?

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