MOON Rocks!

We are over the MOON excited to share our latest adventure with you!  Chinese New Year is also called Lunar New Year. Since Chinese New Year ends this week, I thought this was the perfect time to share our unit on Moon phases.  You can find it in my TPT store by clicking here.

M is for Moon.  To help us see each phase, we also used our Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room.  It shines just like the real moon!  I purchased the Uncle Milton Moon in My Room on Amazon for $25.

Chinese New Year begins with the new Moon and it ends with the full Moon in the sky.  All month long we will be sketching the moon's appearance each night.  

                              Moon Painting

We started things off with one of our favorite Eric Carle books, "Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me."  We were so inspired by the artwork that we wanted to make some of our very own.  We even got to try out this new "moon painting" technique that involved painting with marshmallows!

Moon Rock Math! 

We used jelly beans to do the above activity but you could also use the silver wrapped Hershey Kisses  instead.  Estimating with moon rocks was a huge hit!  Who doesn't love to play with their food?

                        Moon Phases Activity

Ever wonder why the moon looks different to us each night?  We came up with  a simple way to simulate how the earth rotates using a styrofoam ball, pencil, and a flashlight. As the moon orbits Earth, the Sun lights up whatever side of the Moon is facing it.  Since the moon has no light of its own, we are really seeing the sunlight bouncing off the Moon's surface.   

                       Moon Phases Flip Book

We even got to use our Moon Phases Flip book from my TPT store.  Since the actual flip book is too large to fit into our science notebook, I reduced the paper size by printing two sheets per page so we were able to glue the flip book onto a blank page of our science notebook.     Click here to see my Moon Phases flip book.

Moon Science Books

Both of these books helped us answer a lot of questions we still had about the moon.  

                                Moon Dough

                           Impact! Science at work. 

 We were curious about the surface of the Moon so first we made Moon dough and then we used our fingers to make the craters!

                     Oreo Cookie Moon Phases


One of our favorite activities was from my latest freebie.


We created the phases of the Moon with Oreo cookies.  We demonstrated how parts of the Moon seem to disappear, then reappear. This misconception is very common for little ones.  Click here to grab this freebie.

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