Teddy Bear Day Activities

Since September 9th was Teddy Bear Day, I thought I would share all of our activities from  our week long celebration.  All of the following activities are included in my Brown Bear, Brown Bear unit located in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  We started off our unit by celebrating with a very special picnic. 

 The day before our special teddy bear picnic, I made homemade pumpkin muffins and sliced the strawberries.  

That morning of our picnic, I packed our picnic basket.  We also woke up our favorite teddy bears and packed them to take with us!

After filling our bellies with lots of bear treats, we decided to head home for a long winter's nap. The Teddy Bear Picnic was so much fun.  We all had a blast! 

In honor of Teddy Bear Day, we made this teddy bear craft. 

We started off the next day by exploring our teddy bears through a Teddy Bear investigation.  First we traced around our bears. Next, we measured our teddy bears. Finally, we described how our teddy bear looked and felt.

We even learned a new song with movements!

We used all of our leftover Teddy Grahams from the picnic to help us retell the song "Ten in the Bed."  We had so much fun counting down ten in this nursery rhyme!

One center this week was sorting alphabet cards.  Then we matched the upper and lowercase cards! 

We also compared real bears with teddy bears.

We ended our teddy bear day celebration with a brown day.  First, we listed things that are brown.  

Next, we painted the letter "B" brown and made bear crafts! 

Then, we read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle.

Finally, we ended our week by making brown bear brownies!  It was a "beary" busy week!