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Preschool Insect Activities


The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, spring is here... and so are bugs!  All of the following activities are included in my Preschool Insect unit located in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

We started off our unit learning a simple and fun chant!

After learning our new ant chant, we finger-painted ants!

We made an ant craft to help us learn the parts of an insect!

We were curious what ants liked to eat so we made an ant restaurant and observed the ants!

We painted the letter "B" yellow and made bumble bee crafts!

We did a simple shape matching activity!

  The bees are buzzing in the trees to make some honey just for me!   We explored honey through our five senses.

After we had our honey tasting and bumble bee snacks, we were buzzing with energy!

We practiced the letters in our name by making a caterpillar name craft. I love crafts that incorporate learning!

We played a sight word game using our mini-erasers!

My little one had so much fun using our butterfly mini-erasers to help him count!

My little guy loves handprint art!  One trick to getting the perfect handprint is not to use a lot of paint! Another tip-practice on a separate sheet of paper. 

We made butterfly headbands.  Then, we pretended we were butterflies drinking nectar from a flower.

We used our toy figurines to help us sort insects.  This was a simple preschool sorting activity.

We built bugs by using our unifix cubes.  We loved this hands on math activity!  

"Five Little Ladybugs" is the perfect poem to practice our number words and introduce text.  We also worked on rhyming words.

To go with our poem, we finger-painted ladybugs!

One center this week was color bugs.  We rolled the dice and then we graphed the matching color bug!

Ladybug Life Cycle!  We have been having a blast this week learning all about bugs.  To go with our theme, we made a ladybug life cycle craft.

Bug Patterns!  This is such a great way to introduce patterns. If you don't have bug counters, no problem! You could even use dot markers instead of counters.

Going on a bug hunt!  To get started, I hid the pretend bugs around the house.  Then, my little ones "caught the bugs."  

Of course, afterwards, we went outside to find some real bugs. 

 Do your kiddos love all things creepy and crawly as much as mine?  The insect activities can all be found in my Insect Preschool Activities!

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool


My youngest is fascinated by dinosaurs!  We even threw him a dinosaur themed birthday party last year.  I remember that his older brother also was a big dinosaur lover growing up.  So, choosing our next preschool theme was a no-brainer!    


Dinosaur Colors!  First, we traced our color words and then we colored in the dinosaurs.  It was such a fun dinosaur activity and it was a great way to strengthen our fine motor skills.

D is for dinosaur!  We made this fun and easy letter D is for Dinosaur craft.  First, we painted the letter "D."  Then, we  practiced our scissor skills by cutting out the dinosaur head, feet, and spikes. Finally, we pasted them onto the letter "D." It was such a fun way to practice our letter recognition skills.

Dinosaur Poem!  "Five Little Dinosaurs" is the perfect poem to practice our number words and introduce text.  We also worked on rhyming words.  

Dinosaur Name Craft!  We made this adorable Dinosaur craft while also practicing spelling and writing our name. 

Dinosaur Mini-Booklet!  We read a simple sight word emergent reader that focused on the sight word "this."

Dinosaur Bingo!  We had so much fun using our small dinosaur toys to help us play bingo!


Dinosaur Color by Code!  We used this Dinosaur Coloring Activity to reinforce our number words.

Dinosaur egg estimating!  Since we couldn't find any real dinosaur eggs, we had to use jelly beans!  We used our jelly beans to practice our estimation skills.  Do your kiddos love using candy during math as much as mine do?

Dinosaur Number craft!  This was a fun preschool math activity that had us working on our number recognition and counting skills.

Dinosaur Shapes!  This activity works well with shape and color recognition.  We love to color!

Dinosaur Patterns!  We loved this hands on math activity.  It was a great way to introduce patterns. If you don't have dinosaur counters, no problem! You could even use dot markers instead of counters.


Dinosaur Life Cycle!  We have been having a blast this week learning all about dinosaurs.  To go with our dinosaur theme, I wanted to create a dinosaur life cycle craft

Cookie Excavation!  We used our toothpick and a Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookie and we began our cookie excavation.  Of course after we removed our fossils, we had to eat them!

Dinosaur Bones Craft!   We made a dinosaur skeleton with our Q-tips. This was such a cool dinosaur craft. 

Dinosaur Matching!  We made this activity into a fun dinosaur matching game.  We laid all of the dinosaur cards face down.  Then, we matched them together!

Sensory Activities

Dinosaur Dig Pudding!  All week long we have been having so much fun, we even created our very own version of "dirt" pudding cups.  Instead of gummy worms, we used gummy dinosaurs!  They were RAWRSOME!

Dinosaur Tracks!  We dipped an old dinosaur figurine into some green paint and repeatedly pressed his feet onto the large dinosaur foot template.  

Dinosaur Ice Eggs!  One of our favorite activities this week was making and playing with dinosaur ice eggs.  First, we placed a dinosaur toy into a balloon.  Next, we filled the balloon with water and tied it closed.  Then, we put all of the balloons into the freezer. Finally, when they were completely frozen, we cut open our balloons and played with the dinosaur ice eggs!

 Do your kiddos love dinosaurs as much as mine?  The dinosaur activities can all be found in my Dinosaur Preschool Activities!

Gingerbread Activities for Kids

Christmas came early for us this year.  We just got back from Christmas at Gaylord Palms.  We had so much fun looking at all of the Christmas decorations, going to see ICE, and gingerbread decorating.  It even got me thinking about creating gingerbread activities to go with one of our favorite books to read this time of year, "The Gingerbread Man!"

There are many different versions but I like the one retold by Jim Aylesworth. In this version, the Gingerbread Man escapes from the old man and woman, a butcher, a cow, and a pig!  It is such a fun story and it quickly had us repeating "Run! Run! 
Fast as you can!
You can't catch me!
I'm the Gingerbread Man!"


G is for Gingerbread! We started off our gingerbread fun by painting little gingerbread men. To get that gingerbread smell, we added some ginger and cinnamon spices to our brown paint! When our paint was dry, we cut out our gingerbread men and glued them onto the letter G.

Gingerbread cookies come in all shapes in sizes! We tried a simple gingerbread shape matching activity.

We also worked on our counting and fine motor skills by connecting our unifix cubes together into a tower and placing them on the gingerbread men.


We also learned about the five senses.  First, we talked about our five senses- taste, touch, hear, see, and smell.  Then, I introduced the senses with a simple worksheet.  Finally, we got to explore our senses by making gingerbread cookies!

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